Rise of the Runelord's Pathfinder Campaign

Session 2

Characters Present: Moonblossom, Eraelia, Xiola, Lug, Naagia

You all continued fighting and in the ongoing battle met a new fellow adventurer, Eraelia, a female elf who seems to be very good with a bow. You finished off the goblins in the town square.

After you heard a cry from help from the north. You rushed north and found a larger goblin riding on a goblin dog killing a dog and threatening a citizen. There were several regular goblins who joined in the battle too. Late in the battle another larger goblin mounted on a goblin dog.

After dispatching this group of goblins the invasion seemed to be winding down. The citizen you save introduced himself as Aldern Foxglove and he thanks you profusely and invites you to accompany him to the Rusty Dragon, where he is staying while in town. He wishes to reward you for your heroics. On the way into the Inn you meet Ameiko Kaijitsu, proprietor of the Rusty Dragon, she offers you free rooms for a week.

After a meal you retire for the evening.


Codge Codge

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