Rise of the Runelord's Pathfinder Campaign

Session 3

Characters Present: Moonblossom, Xiola, Lug, Elzbeth, Naajia

In the morning after the Goblin raid on Sandpoint you came down stairs and found Aldern Foxglove eating breakfast. As he promised, he gave each of you a reward of 50gp to helping to save the town from the goblin raid. He also invited you to accompany him on a hunt tomorrow for a Tickwood Boar.

You all did some shopping.

Sheriff Belor Hemlock asked for your help at the Bone Yard as the crypt of Father Ezakien Tobyn had been desecrated, his body apparently stolen and you also found a used up “Robe of Bones” in the crypt too along with the 3 skeletons you killed.

Followed tracks of goblins and one medium sized humanoid east but lost the trail north of the Tick Wood where their tracks joined the Lost Coast Road.

As a group you “interrogated” Aldern to see if he would know why anyone would steal the priest’s body (It seemed like Naajia might have suspected that he may have had something to do with it.)

Moonblossom when to speak with the sage, Bodert Quink. He was a very friendly gentleman. He is an expert in the ancient Thassilonian Empire and is here studying the Old Light. He explained the history of the burning of the old church here in town and the death of Fr. Tobyn and his adopted daughter Nualia. The town was able to bury Fr. Tobyn’s body in the crypt in the Bone Yard but Poor Nualia’s body must have been consumed in the fire.

You are up to full HP after a night’s rest and some healing by Moonblossom and Xiola.


She woke up in a cold sweat, heart pulsating she sat straight up in bed, cold; another nightmare. The images could never escape her; dear Annora, her sweet fragile body in her arms, lifeless. She would tease her and say if she was any more pale she would disappear and now it seems she had. She was gone. Her once bright blue eyes, blank; the flowers in her hair stained with her own blood. MoonBlossom was sure she screamed a soul wrenching howl but all there was, was silence. The nightmares never ceased, she woke up like this every morning, and every morning it was as real as the day that they had arrived. She learned to survive like this- never able to get back to sleep, she would make a cup of wild orange tea and start her prayers and meditations at dawn and though Annora had been gone 4 years already there was never a single moment she wasn’t with her. The first prayer off of Moon Blossoms lips were for Annora, her sweet darling girl, never able to see her 6th birthday, frozen in a memory of happier times, times when Moon Blossom felt alive, times when Annora would run into the fields of tall grass and hide and Amias would find her, by her giggles and Moon Blossom watched in awe, basking, in the luck and love of her sacred family.

It smelled of pine at the Rusty Dragon. Moonblossom was weary of strangers; part of her innocence long forgotten. She wasn’t even sure how she got into this mess; she had sworn to herself to work alone; the others were liabilities, that and she didn’t trust them, sure Lug seemed to be the straightforward type and Xiola a fierce warrior of light, but who could she trust? She knew of Naajia’s secret ways, yes he fought in light but there was darkness, something sneaky and conniving about her, something in the way she spoke and the way she laughed. Moonblossom had come to know this energy well as she had almost completely surrendered to the darkness; but her light was too powerful and just when she thought she was forever drowning Shelyn touched her and in that moment she made an oath to honor Annora and Amias, to protect the innocent and to find the ones who had slain them and deal justice.

Moonblossom wasn’t sure what to make of the rest of the crowd, Benitosama was a learned wizard and she knew he could be a potential ally and as far as Elsbeth and Eralia, that was to be seen. She didn’t know what to tell them. Nobody had asked her yet. She would never tell them of course, she would never share the loss of her life, the day she truly died.

They all seemed to be wandering for a reason, how they found each other, she did not know. It was a strange town. Moonblossom felt a drastic shift in energy as soon as her foot had crossed the boarder of town, and for good reason, the goblins were at it again, ravaging the town square, killing innocent creatures. She wondered what had brought all of these brave warriors to this moment, for Moonblossom was well aware of ‘coinsidence’. She moved into battle and with a lightening arc struck with all the energy she could muster. Yes, she thought, they were all fierce warriors indeed; perhaps they could lead her to ‘the one’.

Session 3
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