Rise of the Runelord's Pathfinder Campaign

Session 3

Characters Present: Moonblossom, Xiola, Lug, Elzbeth, Naajia

In the morning after the Goblin raid on Sandpoint you came down stairs and found Aldern Foxglove eating breakfast. As he promised, he gave each of you a reward of 50gp to helping to save the town from the goblin raid. He also invited you to accompany him on a hunt tomorrow for a Tickwood Boar.

You all did some shopping.

Sheriff Belor Hemlock asked for your help at the Bone Yard as the crypt of Father Ezakien Tobyn had been desecrated, his body apparently stolen and you also found a used up “Robe of Bones” in the crypt too along with the 3 skeletons you killed.

Followed tracks of goblins and one medium sized humanoid east but lost the trail north of the Tick Wood where their tracks joined the Lost Coast Road.

As a group you “interrogated” Aldern to see if he would know why anyone would steal the priest’s body (It seemed like Naajia might have suspected that he may have had something to do with it.)

Moonblossom when to speak with the sage, Bodert Quink. He was a very friendly gentleman. He is an expert in the ancient Thassilonian Empire and is here studying the Old Light. He explained the history of the burning of the old church here in town and the death of Fr. Tobyn and his adopted daughter Nualia. The town was able to bury Fr. Tobyn’s body in the crypt in the Bone Yard but Poor Nualia’s body must have been consumed in the fire.

You are up to full HP after a night’s rest and some healing by Moonblossom and Xiola.

Session 2

Characters Present: Moonblossom, Eraelia, Xiola, Lug, Naagia

You all continued fighting and in the ongoing battle met a new fellow adventurer, Eraelia, a female elf who seems to be very good with a bow. You finished off the goblins in the town square.

After you heard a cry from help from the north. You rushed north and found a larger goblin riding on a goblin dog killing a dog and threatening a citizen. There were several regular goblins who joined in the battle too. Late in the battle another larger goblin mounted on a goblin dog.

After dispatching this group of goblins the invasion seemed to be winding down. The citizen you save introduced himself as Aldern Foxglove and he thanks you profusely and invites you to accompany him to the Rusty Dragon, where he is staying while in town. He wishes to reward you for your heroics. On the way into the Inn you meet Ameiko Kaijitsu, proprietor of the Rusty Dragon, she offers you free rooms for a week.

After a meal you retire for the evening.

Session 1

Characters Present: Benitosama, Elzbeth, Lug, Moonblossom, Naajia and Xiola.

The Swallowtail Festival begins promptly, as scheduled, on the Autumnal Equinox. The square before the church quickly becomes crowded as locals and travelers arrive, and several merchant tents featuring food, clothes, local crafts, and souvenirs are there to meet them.

Lug saunters into town, on the prowl for his new wife. The trouble is he only knows the traditions of his Orc tribe in Devil’s Elbow. Doing what is normal to him he finds a likely candidate for his bride, walks up and clubs her on the head knocking her out. The locals are shocked and start crying out in alarm. Some shout “Someone get the guard.”

Elsbeth, having witnessed what seems to be a senseless attack of violence, the Half-elf approaches Lug to challenge him and bring him to justice. As she is confronting him she quickly realizes that he is just woefully unfamiliar with the customs outside of his tribe and offers to help him in exchange for helping her to find her brother who disappeared one year ago.

Naajia, seeing a prime opportunity, nonchalantly walks over to the commotion, deftly slices the strings to Lug’s coin purse and walks away to further observe the goings on.

Benitosama, fresh in from Magnimar is looking for a good deal on some items to further his magical abilities. However it soon becomes apparent to him the the prices here are much more than items in Magnimar and he couldn’t afford anything there either. Walking out of the last shop he, also witnesses the commotion in the streets. Curious but not exactly sure what is going on however he looks around. Most folks are hurrying about in a confused state but he spies a lithe green haired elf who is just studying the activity. Benitosama walks over to her, introduces himself and asks what is going on. The elf Introduces herself as Xiola and relates to him the almost comical tragedy unfolding before their eyes.

Elsbeth bandages the poor girls head. As the flowing blood is staunched the girls eyes flutter open. “Waa… what happend?” “You were attacked and I am here to help you.” offers Elzbeth. The girl’s eyes look around and fall upon the Half-orc, but Elzbeth and Lug can see that she does not recognize him. “Come let us help you to your home.” Elzbeth offers. “Oh… OK, I live just around the corner. Th… thank you for your help.”

Trying to act quickly to avoid the town guard the pair help the girl to her feet and swiftly move around the corner. Xiola and Benitosama are confused by the turn of events and unable to suppress their curiosity start following the trio. Naajia is curious and hanging back a safe distance, decides to follow too.

Two blocks off of the main road where the assault occurred is the girls home. The commotion on the main street is dieing down. Just a moment after they knock the door is opened by a woman in her house clothes. As she sees the girl she gasps and cries back into the house “Barrick, come quick!” “What happened to you Sarah?” A thin blond haired man throws the door open further and demands to know what’s going on? Elzbeth related to the couple how their daughter was accosted by an unknown bandit and how she and Lug helped her back to her home. The couple thank the pair profusely guide Sarah inside and close the door.

Elzbeth looks at Lug and says “Come on, your not going to be able to help me find my brother if your in jail. Lets get out of here.” Then she turns and starts walking towards the north gate. The half-orc still a little confused by the strange customs of these people nods and follows. Benitosama and Xiola now more curious then ever follow too. Naajia, overhearing the exchange between the parents and the strange pair, is beginning to think she likes the style of the half-elf with the holy symbol hanging from her neck. She spies the other pair following the first pair and follows the lot.

Just outside of the North Gate Lug and Elzbeth stop to weigh their options. Xiola and Benitosama approach the pair to make awkward introductions and to inquire as to just what the hell is going on? In short; Elzbeth explains her plight, trying to find her brother, and the other pair decide to join Elzbeth and Lug.

Naajia has been watching from a distance, but now approaches the group, introduces her self, gives Lug back his belt pouch of coins and tells Elzbeth how she likes the paladin’s style. She, also, briefly recaps her life’s struggles and how she likes people who help those who might not be given the time of day by main stream citizens.

“Hey, you all there!” barks one of the two town guards manning the North Gate. Everyone cringes expecting that they are going to be apprehended. “The Swallow Tail Festival is beginning. Your going to miss it standing out here. Come on in, there is a good time to be had by all” continues the guard.

The party, not believing there luck, proceeds to the square just in time to hear the opening speeches.

The turnout for the opening speeches is quite respectable, and the four keynote speakers each deliver short but well-received welcomes to the festival. Mayor Deverin’s friendly attitude and excitement prove contagious as she welcomes visitors to town and jokes about how even Larz Rovanky, the local tanner (and notorious workaholic) managed to tear himself away from the tannery to attend, much to everyone’s amusement (except Larz’s). Sheriff Belor Hemlock brings the crowd down a bit with his dour mood, his reminder to be safe around the evening’s bonfire, and his request for a moment of silence to remember those who lost their lives in the fire that claimed the town’s previous church several years ago. The next speaker is scheduled to be local nobleman Lonjiku Kaijitsu, but a sudden illness has prevented him from attending the ceremony (this isn’t something that surprises the locals, given Lonjiku’s well-known dislike of frivolity and festivals). Sandpoint’s own showman Cyrdak Drokkus is more than up to the challenge of bringing the crowd’s mood back up with his rousing anecdotes. He delivers a not-completely-irreverent recap of the long process the town went through to finance and construct the new cathedral. He throws in a bit of self-promotion at the end, as is his wont, inviting everyone to stop by the Sandpoint Theater the following evening to check out his new production of “The Harpy’s Curse,” revealing that the lead role of Avisera the harpy queen will be played by none other than the famous Magnimarian diva Allishanda! Finally, Father Zantus steps up to give a short speech thanking everyone for coming before declaring the Swallowtail Festival underway.

After the speeches there are games, food and plenty of activities for all to enjoy. Towards sundown there is a sharp retort, like the crack of distant thunder, slices through the excited crowd as the sun’s setting rays paint the western sky. A stray dog that has crawled under a nearby wagon to sleep starts awake, and the buzz of two dozen conversations quickly hushes as all heads turn toward the central podium, where a beaming Father Zantus has taken the stage. He clears his throat, takes a breath to speak, and suddenly a woman’s scream slices through the air. A few moments later, another scream rises, then another. Beyond them, a sudden surge of strange new voices rises—high-pitched, tittering shrieks that sound not quite human. The crowd parts and something low to the ground races by, giggling with disturbing glee as the stray dog gives a pained yelp and then collapses with
a gurgle, its throat cut open from ear to ear. As blood pools around its head, the raucous sound of a strange song begins, chanted from shrill, scratchy voices.

The Goblin Song
Goblins chew and goblins bite.
Goblins cut and goblins fight.
Stab the dog and cut the horse,
Goblins eat and take by force!
Goblins race and goblins jump
Goblins slash and goblins bump.
Burn the skin and mash the head,
Goblins here and you be dead!
Chase the baby, catch the pup.
Bonk the head to shut it up.
Bones be cracked, flesh be stewed,
We be goblins! You be food!

Under a cart, the party can see, is the shape that ran by and it is a goblin. It licks the blood off it’s dog slicer and looks excitedly around for it next victim. And there are other goblins around too. The party joins in the battle. However, there is a loan figure standing close to the podium. A female half-elf wearing the holy symbol of Shelyn. She joins the fight too. Together, the group of six easily defeat the six goblins and start to take a rest. The new half -elf introduces herself as Moonblossom a priestess of Shelyn. Father Zantus appears out of some smoke, comes up to them and thanks them for assisting the town. Then another group of goblins approaches from the south but this group is lead by a goblin singer. Father Zantus says that he is confident in the party and that other, not so prepared, citizens need his help and he dashes off to render aid. The party, coalescing into an effective fighting machine, dispatches this group of seven goblins with even more ease.

TO BE CONTINUED in Session 2


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